Step 3: Measure


At your Home - Approximately 1 week from our initial meeting (Wednesdays and Fridays)


From our initial meeting, we understand your design priorities and budget. In this next meeting we dive deep into the details. You are assigned your own by DESIGN team! This team consists of:  Your Design Consultant, a Project Manager and your own personal Designer. If you’ve ever worked with a gifted designer then you know how much fun this can be! The excitement and passion of collaborative efforts will shine through in the plan.  The result: a perfect combination of your vision for the space and our design expertise! What do you like, what don’t you like? We want to know everything. How will you use the space today? How will it grow with you and your family in the future? We will take the time to know you, learn about you, your interests and ensure that we’ve thought of everything.

As Built: Your by DESIGN team will spend an hour or two creating an exact “as-built” of your space. Our CAD system we replicate your exact space layout, creating an exact computer drawing of where all structural and mechanical elements are in your space. Then we go to work! Click to see an example.

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