Step 4: Collaboration Meeting


At Your Home - Approximately 2 weeks from our initial meeting (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


From the As-Built created in our CAD system, your design team will have worked out several plans which capture the smartest design for the space. This is when our 21 years of experience in creating jealous neighbors shines through as we will show you ideas that you may have never considered! Be ready to roll up your sleeves in this creative meeting. You are an important part of the design team and by incorporating your feedback we will take the best elements to create the “one” space plan best for your needs. On the budget side, we will check in throughout the meeting to ensure that we are designing a space that meets your budget expectations.

3-D Renderings: Our 3-D rending is a great help in visualizing how a space will look when completed. It will give you a sense of space and symmetry. The elevations of a space allow vantages which are impossible on a blueprint. At this point your dream space really starts to become reality. Click to see an example.

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